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Package D

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These services include transportation of the deceased to the cemetery or crematorium at a time convenient to the funeral home and family members are not present for the cremation or burial. Included are basic documents required for the cremation and/or interment to be facilitated. It is designed for families who wish to take care of all other executor papers themselves. The full executor package which includes Canada Pension applications and Old Age Pension notifications along with several Service Ontario notifications and cancellations is an option which most of our families find to be time saving and helpful. We have also made the co-ordination of arrangements optional for families who wish to place their own newspaper notices, arrangements with cemetery, clergy, church, or other possible choices for ceremony, celebration of life and final disposition or cremated remains.

* Additional services and options are available based on choices and needs determined by the family.

NOTE: Your loved one is in our care at all times and the services are facilitated by the trained and professional staff of our Roselawn Crematorium where the actual cremation process occurs. The cremated remains are returned to our care by our own staff to be held until the services or you call for them. We never enlist outside parties for these services and you have the peace of mind to know everything is handled with professionalism, dignity and respect.
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